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B i o g r a p h y

As A Military Spouse, the urge to find things to do around the house tends to take control of our bodies and our minds and we find the craziest things to turn into hobbies… WELL… I decided to take this urge a step further and make it a career… sort of...

After seeing the continued education add in the local paper, I was like “Get paid to talk? Oh they mean voice-over. HOW have I never considered that as an option?!” so I sent in a check and paid for my spot in the class! At the end of the class we got to perform, which was nerve wrecking, but exciting! Our class was odd, so I got to “audition” twice. Lucky… Because the next day I got a phone call about my “auditions”. They understood I was just poking at things but they really wanted me to take the shot. SO I DID! A bit of money later and we have a Demo, and the real challenge begins!

I’m my own agent, my own cheerleader, my own advertiser... it’s a lot of

“Me Me Me”

                                             WHICH IS REALLY HARD FOR ME!

But on this journey  I’ve met some wonderful podcasters and entrepreneurs, I’ve been on panel’s at conventions, and I found a spark in myself that I didn’t know I needed until I found it...
I’m still on the hunt for a mentor as there is ALWAYS room for growth, but here I am, today and every day, just trying to do this fun, wonderful, crazy thing they call...


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